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Utica, New York 13502
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A Conservative Jewish Congregation    
Established for
the Worship of God,
the Study of  Torah, and
the Practice of Righteous Deeds


Candle Lighting 5774

April 7 - 7:16 P.M.
April 14 - 7:24 P.M.
April 21 - 7:32 P.M.
April 28 - 7:40 P.M.

Temple Beth El/Temple Emanu-el Joint Seder

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A Message from our Cantor

Some concepts are fairly concrete and universal. Everyone knows what you mean and agrees on what that is. Sunrise, for example, is something that is easily understood. Other concepts are more difficult to state definitively; the wide range of human experience provides variations and nuances that stymie efforts to make them truly universal.

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A Message from our President

I would like to thank everyone that was involved with the Purim celebration. To Cantor Socolof and Rabbi Kail, thank you for your creative rendition of the Megillah. After many hours of preparation by committee members from both temples, the guests enjoyed a lively and lovely evening of food, drink, music and friendly conversation. On a freezing night, the room was warm with the feeling of community.

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A Message from our Executive Director

It is sunny and very cold but we are thinking Passover, which means spring cannot be far behind since we consider Passover the springtime festival. The Exodus from Egypt marked the birth of the Jewish people which is proclaimed not only at Passover, the "season of our freedom" but in the daily prayers and the Kiddush. The Torah says "Remember you were slaves in Egypt", and we have always remembered. This is what is recounted in the Haggadah, which means recital that is read by one and all at the Seders all over the world.

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