2710 Genesee St.
Utica, New York 13502
Phone: (315) 724-4751

A Conservative Jewish Congregation
Established for the Worship of God, the Study of Torah,
and the Practice of Righteous Deeds


Candle Lighting

March 9 - 5:42 P.M.
**Day Light Savings Time Begins - March 11**
March 16 - 6:50 P.M.
March 23 - 6:58 P.M.
March 30 - 7:07 P.M.

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•The Harry N. & Eleanor L. Savett Scholarship Fund
•The Dr. Albert A Schwartz Education Fund
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Our Schedule of Daily Services

Please join us any morning, from the schedule above, that you are available, to help be part of a minyan. It is a mitzvah for you and for our service.

Our Office Hours

Monday thru Thursday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

A Message from our Cantor

Not long ago a friend of mine shared an item on Facebook. It was a picture of a laminated card that is kept in the pews of the Westminster Presyterian Church in Charleston, South Carolina. With the permission of the kind folks at that church, I am presenting it here in a slightly modified form:



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A Message from our President

Happy Spring,

The preparations for the Schwartz Kallah/Waldman Lecture have been underway for the last few months. Please mark your calendars for June 1-3 and plan to join your fellow congregants to reminisce. The weekend is packed with many activities and opportunities to come together as a community. Check out the flyer in this issue for the Kallah/Waldman Lecture.

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A Message from our Executive Director

"Go to the women first"; Moses was told by God. Acquaint them with the principles of Judaism. The men will follow the women's acceptance of these principles and set the pattern of learning for her family.

Shavuot celebrates the birthday of our religion. Shavuot makes us keenly aware that it is in the home that the Ten Commandments are stressed. By the emphasis on honoring our parents, the observance of a day of rest and through the inculcation of the love of God, the woman sets the moral example throughout the home.

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Temple Beth El's May Calendar