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A Conservative Jewish Congregation    
Established for
the Worship of God,
the Study of  Torah, and
the Practice of Righteous Deeds


Candle Lighting 5774

June 2 -- 8:16 P.M.
June 9 -- 8:21 P.M.
June 16 -- 8:24 P.M.
June 23 -- 8:26 P.M.
June 30 -- 8:26 P.M.

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A Message from our Cantor

At the beginning of parshat Vayetze, the Torah says (Genesis 28:10): "And Jacob left Be'er Sheva and went to Haran." Rashi points out that it is not necessary to write anything more than "And Jacob went to Haran." Why mention his departure? It is in order to tell us that when a righteous person leaves a place it makes an impression.

This month marks the end of Rabbi Cassi Kail's tenure as the spiritual leader of Temple Emanu-El. She has served them well, invigorating their worship, their educational programs and their involvement with social issues. Her deep passion for Judaism has been manifested in numerous ways, from one-on-one interactions to working with larger groups to being a representative of the Jewish community in our area.

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A Message from our President

The annual congregational meeting will be held on June 6th. Please make your reservation for supper, which will be served at 6:00PM with the meeting to follow.

Since I have been president, I have tried to bring our small Jewish community together with joint activities to share with everyone.


Recently, I wrote this quote on a piece of paper. I believe it came from the author, Boris Fishman "When you only have a little thread, you have to know how to make a whole blanket."

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A Message from our Executive Director

"Bouquets" You end up with…
      Happiness keeps you Sweet
      Trials keep you Strong
      Sorrows keep you Human
      Failures keep you Glowing
      But only friends KEEP YOU GOING


Dear Friends,
I am Happy to write this message and let you know I am back to work. I appreciate having the time I had at home to recuperate but I have been anxious to return to
e and see all my friends.

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