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A Message from Cantor Socolof

CantorAs I write this, it is three months since we have been able to meet in the Temple building. Like members of other faith communities, we have felt the absence of being able to come together. After all, the root of congregation is congregate. We have been holding Friday night services on line, but not Shabbat morning services. For those of us who attended regularly, or even occasionally, that absence is palpable.

Temple Emanu-El has now shared their procedures for reopening the building, including those for holding services. You may find those elsewhere in this bulletin. The procedures are prudent and in keeping with the cardinal value of pikuach nefesh – preserving life. They do, however, present our congregation with some challenges. Among these are:

• Due to the state's 25% occupancy restriction on rooms used for worship, the small chapel which we typically use is limited to 20 occupants at any time.
• All participants must be scanned for temperature. This would involve an electronic thermometer, whose use on Shabbat is problematic (I only learned about this four hours ago, and have not had time to research the issue).
• Each attendee is required to fill out and sign a screening form. Again, a problem for us on Shabbat.
• Use of a common prayer book to once a week.

I want to reiterate that the procedures are sensible and prudent. It is unfortunate that our mode of observance may keep us from being able to comply with them. For this reason, at least for now, Temple Beth El will continue to hold Friday night services on Zoom. Shabbat morning services will have to wait, for now, until we can find a way to hold them while taking the necessary precautions.

Normally I have Friday nights off in July and August. It goes without saying that these are not normal times. I will be conducting Friday night services (on Zoom) throughout July and August. I hope that you will be able to join us some or all of those nine evenings.
May this summer be one of health and happiness for all of us.

Cantor Socoloff

Contact Cantor Socoloff at uticacantor@verizon.net