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Temple Beth El

Executive Director’s Message


Dear Friends,

As I write this it will be Spring in 7 days by the calendar but not the temperature. Passover is 16 days ahead and we will have had a lovely Passover Seder shared by both Temples.

Passover is one of my favorite holidays – we consider it a springtime festival. The Exodus from Egypt marked the birth of the Jewish people, which is proclaimed not only at Passover "the season of our Freedom" but in our daily prayers and the Kiddush. The Torah says "Remember you were slaves in Egypt" and we have always remembered. This is what is recounted in the Haggadah, which means recital that is read by Jews at Seders worldwide.

A few more interesting Pesach facts – the holiday is considered agricultural as well as historical in origin. Spring was the time of the barley harvest in Palestine. The Seder is often considered the most impressive family meal of the year – the table is beautifully set for the Seder, Seder means "order‟, we follow the basic order of the meal as it has been done for many years.

As we rid our homes of chometz, do our cooking, set a beautiful Seder table, share this special evening with family and friends, let us remember wonderful Seders of the past and feel blessed to again share another Seder and another memory.

A very Happy and Joyous Passover to you all from Stan and me.