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Candle Lighting

June 1 - 8:16 PM
June 8 - 8:20 PM
June 15 - 8:24 PM
June 22 - 8:26 PM
June 29 - 8:26 PM

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Temple Beth El President’s Message

I hope to see you at Annual Congregational Meeting that will be held on Wednesday, June 13th at 7:00pm in the Edelstein Room. A quorum of 30 is required and dessert will be served

The committee for the Schwartz Kallah/Waldman Lecture put months of planning into the various functions for these three days. Many activities of all types span the weekend. The schedule of events can be found in this issue of the Temple Times. I would like to thank those who put the many hours in to make this a successful and enriching weekend.

The Kallah/Lecture looks back at the history of the Jews in Utica and now we must look to the future and build on what our predecessors worked so hard to establish. Many were immigrants and many assisted new immigrants in settling in the Utica area.

Two new young families have joined their relatives in this area. We welcome the families of Alexander and Natalia Suvorov and Stanislav and Tatiana Karyagin. Our future lies with our 30 new immigrants. They chose to leave their native country to be able to practice Judaism freely as did our relatives years ago.

Last year, I used this quote from Boris Fishman, "When you only have a little thread, you have to know how to make a whole blanket." Well, now we have more threads and a better chance at making that whole blanket!