Temple Beth El President’s Message

As we start this new year, I would like to thank everyone that has supported temple this past year whether it was by volunteering, attending services and events or monetarily. As I reached out for advice or assistance, no one declined my plea.

Religious school has begun with Cantor, Ann Nathan and Bozhena Samoshuk as our teachers. They are looking forward to a productive year.

Thank you to all those that assisted in transforming the JCC auditorium into a warm and welcoming place to greet the new year. As always the staff members at Temple Beth El and the JCC employees were extremely helpful.

Many thanks to all the congregants that participated in our holiday services. An appreciative thanks to our ushers for keeping the service running as smooth as possible. Todah Rabah to Mundy for the hours she spent assigning all the honors for the High Holidays.

Please check the schedule in the Temple Times for Sukkot, Sh‟mini Atzeret (YISKOR) and Simchat Torah. Your help with minyans is always appreciated.

I wish Mollie Wertheim all the best as she leaves Utica to live in New Jersey. Her smile and good nature will be missed.

The Men‟s Club is busy planning for the Political Breakfast on November 5th. Our guest politicians will be on hand to answer your questions. Please make your reservations.

As this whirlwind time of year winds down, reach out and help someone in need.

Apples and honey,